Competition Title

Incheon Museumpark International Design Competition

Competition Type

This competition is an open competition for both domestic and international architects (and firms).

Project Summary

LocationArea of 587-53, Hagik-dong, Michuhol-gu, Incheon
Site Area41,170m2
Building Area41,812m2
Estimated Construction costKRW 134,852,000,000(including VAT, and architectural construction, civil engineering, landscaping, mechanical equipment, electricity, information communication, firefighting, renewable energy, waste treatment costs, etc. Cost for exhibition work is not included.)
- The total of the construction cost shall not exceed the construction budget when the total gross area changed.
Design FeeKRW 8,607,871,000(including VAT and Securities for Damage Liability, various certification, deliberation, advisory fees. Cost for exhibition design is not included.)
Design period13 months from the beginning of project initiation
[ Incheon Museumpark International Design Competition Poster ]

Design Goal

A new prototype of cultural facility called 'Museumpark' should be proposed as a park with a cluster of museum, art museum, and modern and industrial heritages, which will play as the center of culture and art.

The proposal should be a design to secure individual identity of Museum and Art Museum within the complex and to share duplicate functions between buildings in an integrated and efficient way.

The proposal should be a design to make existing buildings with memories and values of the past harmoniously coexist with new buildings of a new trends bringing about synergy for the activation of the space.

The proposal should present creative indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces and public spaces with various programs where cultural contents can be experienced in a new way.

The proposal should present ideas about space to become Incheon‘s favorite landmark loved by both residents and visitors, especially the younger generation.


Announcement of the Competition Aug. 31, 2022
Registration Aug. 31, 2022 ~ Oct. 15, 2022 17:00
Site Briefing Sep. 15, 2022
Questions Posted by Entrant Sep. 16, 2022 ~ Sep. 22, 2022 17:00
Answers to Questions posted Sep. 29, 2022
Deadline of Entries Submission Nov. 30, 2022 10:00~17:00
Technical Evaluation Dec. 8, 2022
Main Evaluation Dec. 12, 2022 / Dec. 16, 2022
Announcement of Winners Dec. 21, 2022

* The above schedule is based on Korea Standard Time (KST) and may be changed by the organizer. The change of schedule will be announced on the competition website.

Jury Committee

The Jury Committee is composed of seven (7) jurors (5 domestic, 2 overseas) and one (1) deputy juror (domestic).

The list of jurors will be announced on the competition website by September 15th.

The Jury Committee opens with the presence of a majority of the total number of jurors and elects a chair at the first meeting. The Chair of the Committee decides the evaluation and selection criteria by hearing the opinion of the jurors.

The Deputy Juror may participate in the judging with the jurors as an equal, but he/she does not have a vote.

If a juror is absent at the first meeting, he/she loses juror status and will be replaced by the deputy juror.

Overseas jurors will participate in the evaluation non-face-to-face.

Announcement of Winners

The results will be posted on the competition website after the evaluation is over, and only the winners will be notified individually. The winning entries include the winner and runners-up, and the honoraria are as follows.

Winner (One entry) Awarding of Design Contract
2nd prize (One entry) KRW 40 million
3rd prize (One entry) KRW 30 million
4th prize (One entry) KRW 20 million
5th prize (One entry) KRW 10 million