for Entrants


  • This competition is open to both Korean and foreign architects (Registered Architects). In the case of joint application, a total of three(3) individuals or firms can apply. (An architect refers to a professional who is registered by related regulations of one’s country)
  • Foreign architect's license holders cannot participate in this competition alone, but have to join a team with a Korean architect's license holder as a representative.
  • In case of joint application, one of the participants must be designated as the representative, and the representative has the authority to submit and receive documents related to this competition, and to acquire and renounce rights on behalf of the joint participant(s).
  • The representative of the joint application team must be a person who possesses an architect's license under Architects Act of the Republic of Korea as of the date of registration and has completed the registration of an architect's office according to the same law.
  • As of the date of registration for participation in the competition, a person who is currently in the state of cancellation of registration, suspension of business, closure of business, suspension of business, or other similar administrative dispositions from the relevant government office, cannot apply for the competition.
  • All individuals or corporations participating in this competition cannot participate in duplicate.
  • A person involved in the Feasibility Design of the project, a person involved in the Design Competition, such as juror, technical committee member, and operation committee member or a member of his/her company, organization or family cannot enter.
  • If the winner does not have a design qualification related to electricity, communication, or firefighting at the time of concluding a design service contract, he/she must contract with a person who has design qualifications according to relevant laws (Joint implementation method). the winner of the competition should be the representative of joint implementation consortium.
    • Qualification requirements in the electric field: Registered company with one or more specialized electric power design business according to the Electric Technology Management Act
    • Qualification requirements for information and communication field: Registered company in the field of communication and information processing as an engineering business registration or establishment of an engineering company according to the Engineering Industry Promotion Act or the Professional Engineers Act.
    • Qualification requirements for firefighting design field: Registered company for specialized firefighting facility design business or general facility design business (mechanical, electrical field) according to the Fire-fighting System Installation Business Act.

Competition Registration

  • Entrants can create an account after filling out the application form on the competition website (
  • Entrants can confirm registration when logged in to the competition website after creating an account, and can download materials related to the design competition or ask questions after registration.
  • During registration period, it is possible to add, delete, and change coparticipant, change the representative, and revoke the registration, but it is not allowed after the registration deadline.

Questions and Answers

  • Entrants can make inquiries using the bulletin board on the competition website, and inquiries are not accepted by e-mail or phone.
  • Inquiries must be written in Korean or English, and answers to all questions are provided to all Entrants both in Korean and English through the bulletin board on the website.
  • Answers to questions are considered additions or modifications to the competition regulations and guidelines.

Reference Materials

  • Reference materials will be provided through the website where entrants can download them once registration is confirmed.
  • The reference materials cannot be used for any purpose other than the design competition.
  • Additional materials will be announced through the competition website, and partcipant must check them before submission.


  • Each competitor can submit only one entry, and should submit the entry by uploading on the competition website.
  • Entrants must complete the upload of all submissions by the deadline for submission of entry. As the organizer is not responsible for the congestion of access traffic and upload errors that may occur when the deadline is imminent, it is recommended that Entrants take sufficient time to finish uploading before the deadline.
  • The submission time is recorded as the completion time of the upload, not the start of the upload. Files submitted after the deadline are considered non-submitted.
  • The organizer will print the Panel and Drawing files in the required format at a secure place and deliver them to the place of evaluation.
  • Refer to [Design Guideline 3.4] and the competition website for the cost and payment method for printing of competition panels and competition drawings.
  • Submission will be completed when both upload and payment are completed.