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Incheon Museumpark

Incheon Museumpark is a project that integrates projects that were individually planned in Incheon Metropolitan City, such as the relocation of the city museum, the establishment of the city art museum, and the creation of cultural facilities in the old city center, into one complex.

Incheon Metropolitan City Museum opened in 1946 as the first public museum in Korea, and moved to its present location in 1990 and continues to this day. However, the present Incheon Metropolitan City Museum has been criticized for not being able to fulfill its functions due to its small size and alienated location, and through this project, it is intended to be reborn as a museum worthy of today's status as Incheon Metropolitan City. Meanwhile, Incheon Metropolitan City is the only one which doesn’t have a city art museum among metropolitan local governments, and the establishment of the Incheon City Museum of Art was a long-cherished project of Incheon citizens and local artists. Incheon City Museum of Art in Incheon Museumpark is scheduled to be built as the headquarter art museum of various cultural facilities in Incheon and another municipal art branch to be built in the future, and will serve as a focal point for their diversity.

The site of Incheon Museumpark is a place that shows dynamic geographical, social and historical strata of Korea and Incheon. Factory complex was built through reclamation projects in the 1960s in the site and surrounding areas, which were tidal flats along the coast in the past, and now a new city including cultural facilities is being built on the site of a former factory. Incheon Museumpark, which will be built in this complex context, is a facility that connects the memories of the past, the present city, and the context of the city under construction. It should be established as a facility that can become a platform for the culture and art activities of visitors and artists.

Present Condition of the Site

  • Current status of inside of the site [Refer to Figure 2]
    • The site consists of a Commercial Site and a Cultural Facility Site.
    • OCI Incheon Factory Office building, FEBC Office, and seven Houses of Missionary building, structures subject to remodeling, are in the site.
    • There are many buildings to be demolished within the site, and their demolition work is not included in this project.
    • For the detailed status of structures in the site, refer to [Reference Materials-2].
  • Spatial Information of the Site
    • Please refer to the following materials for various spatial information such as aerial photos of the site and its surroundings by year, topographic data, and Yonghyeon·Hakik Block 1 Urban Development plans.
    • Site Information Website

Present Condition of Surroundings

  • The site of Incheon Museumpark is located on the south side of Michuhol-gu, Incheon, and Inha University Yonghyeon Campus and Munhaksan Mountain are located nearby.
  • To the west of the site, there is a 30m-wide Dokbae-ro. The Nojeoksanro on the north side of the site will be widened to 15m, and a 10m-wide new road will be built on the south side of the site.
  • The north side of the site is not included in urban development project, and there are industrial companies, factories, police station, and large supermarket.
  • The area adjacent to the east side of the site will be planned as a cultural facility in the future.
  • Access Conditions
    • The site is adjacent to the 2nd Gyeongin Expressway and is easily accessible from Incheon International Airport, and can be accessed through the 3rd Gyeongin Expressway and Incheon-daero.
    • The site can be accessed within 30 minutes by car from all areas of Incheon, including Incheon City Hall and Songdo International Business Complex.
    • A subway station (Inha University Station) is located about 600m to the north of the site, and a subway station (Hakik Station) is scheduled to open in 2024 about 200m away from the site to the south.
    • There is a bus stop located on Dokbae-ro about 150m away from the site.

Urban Planning Around the Site

  • Urban development projects (Yonghyeon·Hakik Block 1 Urban Development Project) are in progress on the west and south sides of the site, and they are planned as quasi-residential areas and general commercial areas. [See Figure 3, Reference Materials-2] A high-rise (46-47 floors) residential and commercial complex is under construction on the site, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2024 or early 2025.
  • For the specific direction of Yonghyeon·Hakik Block 1 Urban Development Project, please refer to DCRE's project summary. (
[Figure 3] Present conditions of surrounding areas

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